Trek 4500 by Brian Matula
Offroad it may be a tad tricky, but it's all good... [MORE...]
Fixed Gear Southpaw Polo Bike by Troy Nelson
Jan 2007
This bike started life as a beach cruiser ... [MORE...]
  Fixed I. F. by Paul Hamad
Jan 2007
i've decided to take it to the next step... [MORE...]
Stomper by Will Inverso
Jan 2007
Very fun in the snow... [MORE...]
  Laidback Fuji by John Speare
Nov 2006
...it's a 20-year-old frame with recycled parts... [MORE...]
Matt's Pugsley
Sep 2006
...it adds a whole new dimension... [MORE...]
  Fixed by Monday by David B.
July 2006
I knew Carl could cook up a beauty... [MORE...]
Inbred by Aidan Searle
July 2006
...this was my first fixed MTB... [MORE...]
Meik Weissert's Lilli
Todd Burpee's Wicked Fun
Brian Matula's Red Baron
David Farkas' Trek 7300fx
Alex Baker's Solitude 29er
Colin Williams' Lipscombe conversion
Shaun Deller's Alley Cat
Chuck Cypert's Pit Bike and Turtle Patrol
John Gonter's Univega fix
Rick Fichter's DH 1x1
Jezz Harty's Pink Surly
adam's Post BMX
Mike Flanigan's 29er 2spd
Brian Matula's Centurion 2.1:1
Mark Kobayashi's Selfbuild steel
Steve Riley's Pompino
Charlie Hobbs' Pinchy
Chris Garrett's Softride 'Check
Phil Chadwick's Making a fixed MTB
Tomas Drew-Bear's Moots Fix
Jeremy Whitehorn's Lugged Centurion
Kevin Calzia's Bianchi DISS
John Lemonius' Fixed Kona
Walter Skrzypek's Dawes Ride
Aram Shumavon's Bontrager Fixed
Erik B.'s Urban Fix
Darcy Warn's Victoria
Adam Tatarnic's Protour
Jeremy Whitehorn's Sisyphus
Larry Manuel's True North
Bikehotrod Dark Starfish
Albert Reinhardt's Crosscheck
Jim Hintz's John Doe
James Kenney's Recycled Cycle
Charlie Hobbs' Upsetter
Craig Emenaker's Plowboy
Jezz Harty's Cruzer
Joe Whitehair's $2 fix
Bob Poor's Scorcher
Dan Artley's Steamroller
Rick Chasteen's Super Typhoon
Jezz Harty's Pennine
Wade Frerich's Clown Bike
Will Meister's Grasshopper


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